My first novel, The Elixir of Freedom, is now available on Amazon.  Here’s my press release, announcing its publication.  You can see I wanted to connect it to current events, even if it’s fiction.Neer with Elixir-crop

I hope you’ll get a copy of the book, and let me know what you think about it. What parts do you like the best? Which character do you like the best?

New novel shows how to solve problems
by bringing more light

     FRESNO, CA: February 7, 2016.   Election-year political speeches run the gamut of possible solutions to problems – more money, more police, better education, better health, and so on. In the midst of this torrent of promises and prescriptions, a new novel suggests there is another way. The Elixir of Freedom by M. R. Neer points to more light as the ultimate solution to the dark clouds of problems that threaten us.

Sure, it’s fiction, but Neer says it’s Visionary Fiction – a new genre that uses story to paint a vision of a better future.  He says he wrote it this way because people remember deeply-felt stories more than stirring speeches. In fact, the journey of the novel’s heroes mirrors our own quest to find real solutions to doubt, fear, bad habits, and even the pressure of time, which mushroom into our many societal problems.  The Elixir of Freedom depicts a powerful experience of light that transforms the characters and their world.  Neer says it’s a real experience described in all cultures and traditions but is lost in our modern lurching from one problem to another.

The story follows Ravi and Verda, both 21, who embark on a quest to find the legendary Heart of the Sun, which is described in the old legends as a way to defeat all enemies. Ravi wants to rescue his twin brother Vik who was captured by the Mine Master and forced to labor in the coal mines, which are also polluting Ravi’s town. After a series of trials by earth, water, and mist, Ravi and Verda discover an elixir, made of sap and sunlight, which holds the key to freedom.

Written in an easy-to-read style that will appeal to kids and adults, this is the first novel in a series called The Light Finder Legends.  Neer says a Light Finder is an ordinary person who takes extraordinary action until they find the light – whether the light of knowledge, the light of a just society, or the light of enlightenment.

Neer is a former English teacher, curriculum writer, and magazine publisher as well as a long-time teacher of the Transcendental Meditation technique. He has won awards for journalism, newsletter writing, and teaching. The book is available in paperback and e-book from popular online booksellers.