My Book Gets Reviewed in The Fresno Bee

Local Author Image-Fresno BeeI was so surprised on Easter Sunday morning as I read the newspaper and turned to the entertainment section. Lo and behold, I saw a picture of my book and a great review by Rick Bentley, the veteran reviewer for The Fresno Bee.  Here is a photo of the newspaper write-up, and I’ll post the text below to make it easier to read.

Local Author offers vision of a better tomorrow

Fresno’s M.R. Neer has published “The Elixir of Freedom” (Veda Publishing, $11.95) the first in the “Light Finder Legends” series.

Neer says the book falls into the visionary fiction genre and is targeted to teens and adults who are interested in personal growth. The work is fiction, but the author suggests that the vision of a better tomorrow can become a fact.

“The Elixir of Freedom” follows Ravi and Verda on a quest to find the Heart of the Sun, a legendary way to defeat all enemies. Ravi is looking to rescue his twin brother who has been forced to work in the coal mines. The solution comes in the form of an elixir made of sap and sunlight.

Neer, who is a former English teacher and magazine publisher, wrote the book because he believes people remember deep stories more than speeches. The story is a reflection of those who are looking for answers to anything from bad habits to doubts.

The author says the story is a real experience that’s described in all cultures and traditions but is lost in our modern habit of lurching from one problem to another.

The book is available in paperback and ebook at and other online sites.

10 Reasons Why I Think You’ll Like My New Novel

NeerElixirSideshotTo encourage people to read a new novel, authors and publishers usually say, “It’s a good story!” Then, they tell a bit about the plot to interest you.  I would like to take a different angle. I think my new novel, The Elixir of Freedom, offers a good story — and the recent reviews are agreeing with that — but I think it offers readers more. In fact, I can think of 10 reasons why I think you’ll like it. Check out this list, and if any one item on the list resonates, then I hope you’ll get the book and give it a read.  The book is available from Amazon, and more details are on my author’s site at

  1. It’s a story of personal growth with heroic characters.
  2. It shows how to solve problems by bringing light.
  3. It models how to live by intuition.
  4. It demonstrates how to live in tune with nature.
  5. It reveals the power of legends.
  6. It will inspire you to be a Light Finder.
  7. It will stretch your mind to new ways of thinking.
  8. It will stir your heart and soul with strong feelings.
  9. It will give you a vision of a better life and a better world.
  10. It will expand your consciousness by swinging between contrasting values.

Happy reading!