New Video Book Trailer

VideoFirstFrameGreenVideo book trailers are a new way to promote a book.   For years, we’ve seen movie trailers in the theaters and online.  Well, since so many books are made into movies, people soon got the idea that books could be promoted the same way.  You may have seen some of them online.  Well, I decided to plunge in and try one.

I was able to work with Voyage Media in Southern California. I gave them input on the script, actors, costumes, setting, and so on. Then they went to work.  After working for eight months with a lot of film editing and outstanding graphics, they have finished the Video Book Trailer for my new book.

It’s supposed to entice viewers to read the book. So you are the judge of that. Send me a comment and let me know what you think. Click here for the link.  Or click on the photo!