Tony NaderEver since I wrote The Elixir of Freedom, I wanted to give a copy of the book to the scientist who inspired the plot.

That scientist is Dr. Tony Nader, M.D., Ph.D., M.A.R.R., who is the global leader of the TM organization, and the author of two breakthrough books.  The first is Human Physiology, Expression of the Veda and Vedic Literature (1994-2014) and the second is Ramayan in the Human Physiology (2012).  These books demonstrate the one-to-one correspondence between our human bodies and the ancient Vedic literature. The Veda, in a sense, is a blueprint for our physiology. This has huge implications for our health and evolution.

In the second book, he described the ancient story of Ram who was able to defeat the 10-headed Ravan. The key was receiving the secret to the Heart of the Sun from the Rishi Agastya. Those of you who have read my book know how the characters go on a quest for this secret, and they do meet a shepherd named Agastya who directs them to the Heart of the Sun.

But the key is that Dr. Nader describes the Heart of the Sun as relating in structure and function to the thalamus in the brain. When enlivened, this “Heart of the Sun”, he says, functions like a “lamp at the door”.  It gives a view of life from outside looking in and from inside looking out. He relates this to the experience of Nyaya in the Vedic Literature.  It was this experience that led to the “elixir of freedom” that the characters gained.

So, recently, I heard that Dr. Nader was speaking in Vancouver, British Columbia, on Saturday, May 7. My heart leaped with the thought that I might be able to give him a copy of the book there. Acting on intuition, I booked the flight and went to his talk. As nature would have it, an opportunity came up for me to meet him for a moment and give him the book. He seemed very pleased that I based the plot on his research.   It was just a moment, but I was glad I was able to give him the book. I hope he enjoys the story.

[And of course, future books will revolve around other aspects of the Ramayan — hint, hint, Book 2, The Conch of Bliss, is underway!]

Book Signings

If you are in the Fresno area, you are invited to a Saturday, June 4 Book Signing at 1 pm.  I will also be giving a new talk on The Purpose of Stories.
Location: The Center Bridging Body, Mind, and Spirit at 1175 W. Shaw Ave. (1st parking lot on the left south on Thorne Ave.  from Shaw).

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, you are invited to a Thursday, June 16 talk and book signing at 7:30 pm. I will also be giving a talk on The Seven Myths of Art and the Real Meaning of Creativity.   Location:  Berkeley TM Center, 950 Gilman Ave., Berkeley (near Whole Foods).