Two New Stories from M. R. Neer

The Four Tasks of Love

Journey with the prince and princess as they complete the wise king’s four tasks. The amazing events that unfold will touch your heart — and lead you to look at the one you love with new eyes. Great for couples and children. Available free at Kindle or Barnes & Noble or Kobo or Smashwords or here with PDF.

Junah Tales

Follow the adventures of Junah Cat, Mo Mouse, and Hannah Hummingbird as they look for the secret of the garden. Each episode will come to you every two weeks. Stay tuned to meet Junah and listen for his purr!

Happy Spring to all my readers!  I have three announcements for you:

  1.  I have just published my first fairy tale called The Four Tasks of Love. it’s available free to all my readers as a digital ebook or PDF ebook.
  2.  I also have written 27 fables called Junah Tales. I am setting it up so you will receive one every two weeks via email — a little boost of delight every so often, I hope. Let me know what you think about them.
  3. If you have received this notice, you are included as part of my Reader Group. I hope you’ll enjoy following my writing as it unfolds. If you get this message from a friend, and you want to join my Reader Group, just click here.

News About The Elixir of Freedom

Amazon Bestseller

Last August, with the help of the great Denise Cassino, I promoted a special campaign for The Elixir of Freedom, and it reached Amazon Bestseller status in two categories. That’s exciting news!

The book has also been distributed to friends in India and Turkey. It is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, Kindle, and other online booksellers.

In the Works

The 2nd novel in The Light Finder Legends series is now underway. It’s called The Conch of Bliss. It involves a quest by two young people named Terra and Salem to change the logical, technical society they live in to something more joyful. Stay tuned!