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Junah enters the garden for the first time!

Episode 5:
Entering the Garden

Junah Tales by M.R. Neer
Episode 5

Entering the Garden

The next day, the back door of the house opened at sunrise. The shadow of the house still blanketed much of the garden, but Junah the curious cat stepped bravely forward into an unknown world.  Immediately, his senses were bombarded. The smells! Damp earth and flower scents tickled his nose. His paws felt the cold hard pavement of the patio. Trills of bird songs filled the air, welcoming the new day sun. He just stood there mesmerized by the friendly assault on his senses.

He moved forward to explore, taking things one at a time. He stretched one foot off the dry patio and felt the grass. He drew his paw back surprised. The grass, and now his paw, was wet with dew.  Looking down, Junah saw a dark wet paw print on the light gray patio. Cats are not all that fond of being wet, so he shook the drops of dew off his paw.

Flowers in pots along the edge of the patio looked like the vases inside the house, but they were different. These flowers were in earth, not in water. He smelled the heavy earthy aroma of the flower pots while the fragrance of roses and gardenias filled his nose.

He tilted the hard stem of the flower towards his face and rubbed his whiskers against the soft petals. He felt like he was getting bounced back and forth between opposites—dry and wet, light and dark, heavy and light, soft and hard. What a world this was!

He looked out over the garden. The edge of sunlight—a line between light and dark actually—was just passing over a round stone bench in the center of the garden. Stone paths radiated out from the center to each side. What a contrast this outside world was, thought Junah, compared to the inside world he had just left! There was so much to know. His first experience of the garden was a flurry of opposites. Where to start? Is this part of the secret, he wondered?

Junah’s purr: Opposites are found together.

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