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Junah and Mo see how a butterfly helps a spider.

Episode 13:
The Butterfly and the Spider

Junah Tales by M.R. Neer
Episode 13

The Butterfly and the Spider

The orange-and-black butterfly weaved through the air towards the color and scent of marigold flowers in the Vine Corner. She went from one flower to another, drinking up the nectar. She was getting full, and her antennae were tingling with delight.

As she fluttered around the orange blossom to another scent, she heard a soft whimpering that seemed to be coming from a nearby leaf. She saw a big, black-and-yellow spider curled up on the leaf. She seemed to be crying.

“What’s wrong, Spider?” asked Butterfly.

“Ohhh,” moaned Spider, “I can’t make my web any more. I try and try and can’t get the silken threads to come out of me. I don’t know what to do. I will die if I can’t make my web.”

“You must be all dried up inside,” said Butterfly, still feeling full of nectar. “I wonder if some of my nectar will help you.”

“It might,” said Spider, feeling a little hope.

Butterfly flew over to Spider, and sprayed nectar all over the sad creature. Spider used her legs to lick up the nectar, and she could feel her strength returning. Suddenly, she dropped off the leaf, hanging from a white silken thread. She could make a web again!

“Oh, thank you, dear Butterfly,” said Spider. “You have saved my life. I will remember your kind deed.”

Butterfly went on to the next flower, empty of nectar but full of life. Spider cheerfully built her web, empty of despair but full of threads.

Junah Cat looked over to Mo Mouse. “Now we know what happened to the spider in the vines,” said Junah.  “I’m glad the butterfly could help her.”

“They were both full, weren’t they?” mused Mo. “I wonder what else we’ll see today? We sure are getting lots of ideas about the garden. We’ve got to be getting closer to the secret.”

Junah’s purr:  Sharing turns emptiness into fullness.

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