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Junah Cat and Mo Mouse meet Ralph Rabbit and see how he saves his bunnies from the Hawk.

Episode 15:
Rabbits and the Hawk

Junah Tales by M.R. Neer
Episode 15

Rabbits and the Hawk

Just then, Junah Cat and Mo Mouse saw something gray and furry run out of the hedges by the picket fence near Crow’s tree.

“Look,” said Mo. “There’s Ralph Rabbit. Let me introduce you.”

Mo yelled for Ralph to come over to where they were. He hopped over, curious about who was with Mo.

“Hey, Mo,” shouted Ralph as he got closer. “Who’s the new guy? I haven’t seen him before.”

“This is Junah Cat,” explained Mo. “The sisters brought him in to find the secret of the garden. You got any ideas for him?”

“Well, I’ll be,” said Ralph. “A cat!  I like your fur. It’s soft like mine.”

“Nice to meet you, Ralph,” said Junah. “You really move fast when you hop like that.”

“Yeah, we have to move fast, you know,” said Ralph. “We rabbits have to keep moving. That’s how we eat and stay safe. In fact, I was just about to see how my little bunnies were doing over there by the trees.”

“Oh, you have little ones,” said Junah. “Do they hop as fast as you?”

“Not yet,” said Ralph, “but they will.”

Suddenly a shadow swept over the garden and hedges.

“Oh, oh,” said Ralph. “The hawk is back. Gotta get my bunnies safe!”

“Do you think you have time to run over and get them?” asked Junah, worried about the bunnies’ safety.

“Not to worry, cat,” smiled Ralph. “We have our ways.”  Then, Ralph stopped and started a loud thumping with his back foot.

“Feel that, Junah?” asked Mo.

Junah and Mo could both feel it in their feet as well as hear it with their ears. Immediately, two bunnies came running from the trees back to the safety of the hedges.

“That’s amazing, Ralph,” said Junah. “That was a great way to warn them.”

“Thumping is the rabbit’s secret,” said Ralph. “It’s what makes us special.”

“It’s sort of like when I purr,” said Junah. “That’s my specialty, although it’s not for alerting about danger. I wonder if all the creatures in the garden have some kind of special ability.”

“You may be on to something, Junah,” said Mo.

“What’s your special ability, Mo?” asked Junah.

“I thought you’d never ask,” replied Mo. “Believe it or not, it’s being small and thinking quickly. That’s how I come up with such great ideas and get around.”

“You’re right, Mo,” said Junah. “You may be small, but you’re still a big deal in what you do.”

Junah’s purr: Everyone is special in some way.

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