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Junah sees a lotus in the pond and
a dragonfly reflecting the sky in its wings.

Episode 19:
The Lotus and the Dragonfly

Junah Tales by M.R. Neer
Episode 19

The Lotus and the Dragonfly

“Okay, Junah, there’s one place in the garden we haven’t observed yet,” said Mo.  “It’s the pond.”

“Let’s go see what we can learn there,” said Junah enthusiastically. “I feel like we are getting closer to the secret of the garden with all we have learned.”

In the back of the garden, Junah and Mo found the pond. It was filled with lily pads, some frogs, and lots of flies buzzing around. Mo pointed out the beautiful pink lotus flowers in the pond.

“Those are Laka’s favorite flowers,” she said. “She likes to wear them in her hair and carry them around.”
“What’s so special about them, Mo?” asked Junah.

“Laka says it’s because the beautiful lotus flower grows out of the mud in the pond,” explained Mo.  “She said she’s amazed that such beauty can come out of plain mud.”

Just then, a large dragonfly whizzed by, surprising them with its speed. It landed on a lily pad close to them. “That’s a dragonfly,” said Mo. “They’re fast and eat a lot of flies.”

“But look at the wings,” said Junah, pointing his paw at the just-landed dragonfly. “You can see the whole sky reflected in the wings—the blue sky, the clouds, and even the sun. Those wings are beautiful.”

“I never noticed that before,” said Mo. “You’re right. They show everything around them. But you know what, Junah, you see those little bugs in the water there? The ones with the brown humped back?”

“Yeah,” said Junah, “what are they?”

“Those are what are called larvae, and they turn into dragonflies,” explained Mo.

“You’re kidding!” said Junah. “Those slimy little creatures turn into dragonflies? Wow, what a change! You know, we just learned something here, Mo.”

“Oh, you mean about the dragonflies?”

“No, more than that, and it might be an important clue,” said Junah. “Both the lotus flower and the dragonfly had this great possibility, this beauty, already inside them, but they had to grow into a new form for it to show.”

“Oh, you mean like the pretty lotus was just a seed in the mud, and now look at it!” said Mo.

“Yes,” echoed Junah, “and the dragonfly too! Both went from nothing fancy to something great and beautiful. Isn’t nature grand!” exclaimed Junah.

“What was inside came out! I like that, Junah,” responded Mo. “Be sure to tell the sisters.”

 Junah’s purr: Greatness already exists inside us.

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