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Junah and Mo look into the water in the pond.

Episode 20:
The Wind and the Pond

Junah Tales by M.R. Neer
Episode 20

The Wind and the Pond

Junah Cat and Mo Mouse were watching the lotus flowers in the garden’s pond.

“You know, Mo,” said Junah, “this water is a lot bigger than my water bowl in the house. Is it safe to drink from it? I don’t want to fall in and get all wet.”

“Silly, Junah,” laughed Mo. “Of course it’s safe! Just stand at the edge and lap it up.”

Junah peered into the pond and was surprised to see something colorful floating around in it. “Hey, what’s that in the water?”

Mo leaned over the water to see what attracted Junah’s attention.  “That’s a fish, Junah,” said Mo. “They live in the pond and eat the bugs.”

“Wow, that’s amazing,” said Junah. “I don’t have things swimming in my water bowl.”

The two friends watched as silver, red, orange, and striped fish wiggled through the water.  Suddenly, Junah felt the wind ruffling the fur on his back, and he looked up at the sky and the leaves on the Big Tree near the pond.  The leaves were rustling, making a soft sound. His body shook a bit.  Then, he turned back to the water, and he couldn’t see the fish anymore.

“Mo, look what happened,” said Junah. “The wind is making ripples in the pond, and we can’t see the fish.”

“Yeah, it’s like they disappeared,” said Mo. “If we hadn’t seen them before, we wouldn’t know they were there.”

“Do you think we’ll be able to see them again?” asked Junah.

“Let’s wait a bit and see if the wind calms down,” said Mo.

So they waited. Soon, the wind died down, and the ripples became less. Gradually, Junah saw some movement below, and then the colors of the fish again.

“Hurray, there they are,” said Junah happily.  The water became very still, and they could see deep into it.  Suddenly, the sun glinted off the water, and the surface became crystal clear.

“Wow! Look at that, Mo!” said Junah. “That’s me in the water there!”

“And me too,” said Mo.

“Well, isn’t that interesting?” said Junah.  “We could see more in the water when it was still. We could see the fish, and we could even see our reflection. But none of that would have happened unless the water was calm.”

“That’s another thing you need to tell the sisters, Junah,” said Mo.  “To see things clearly, they have to be still. When things are moving all around, they’re hard to see and know. I think that’s important.”

Junah’s purr: Seeing clearly comes with calmness.

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