The Elixir of Freedom

Cover-Elixir of Freedom 9-10-15 1-HalfFind the Secret to Your Freedom

Take a journey with Ravi and Verda to discover the elixir at the Heart of the Sun mentioned in the legends of Raam. See how they use the elixir to gain freedom from doubt, from narrow thinking, from fear, from captivity, and even from time.  See how they gain the freedom to live their own purpose. Find out how the old legends, and even this story, are really true.

A journey of awakening that will transport you into your own inner world!

A love story for nature and life itself!

A tale that echoes through all times and places!

This first book in The Light Finder Legends series is a legend about legends, a bright light about light. It will inspire you to be a Light Finder!

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