The Light Finder Legends

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Here is the Prologue to all six of The Light Finder Legends books:


In every time, in every culture, ordinary people have done extraordinary things. Like a seed taking root in the earth, and then spiraling upward to the light of the sun, these people, these heroes, kept going through all difficulties and despair.  Some were called by a still small voice inside them. Some were driven by events around them. But all took action to make the world a better place, to end suffering, to help others, to find the light that would eliminate darkness.  Some called it the light of knowledge. Some called it the light of life. Some called it the light of God.  But in every case, they pursued their quest until they found the answer to their question, till they found the solution to their problem, till they found the light that would dispel darkness. These are the Light Finders, and this is one of their Legends.

Titles for the books in the series:
Book 1:  The Elixir of Freedom
Book 2: The Conch of Bliss
Book 3: The Gem of Health
Book 4: The Seeds of Knowledge
Book 5: The Ring of Peace
Book 6: The Drum of Fortune