Reviews of Junah Tales: Fables for a Healthy Happy Life

Five 5-Star Reviews from Reader’s Favorite

Five-star review from The Red-Headed Book Lover blog in UK

Comments on The Four Tasks of Love:

I love this book. MR Neer’s lean prose radiates the quiet dignity of true Knowledge. The gentle story reflects the inner workings of love at its deepest level — the level of the Absolute that underlies all of creation.  —Barbara Ehrenberg, Phoenix, AZ, May 8, 2017

This is a story of what is true love. The princess and the prince solve four seemingly impossible tasks and learn the lesson of what is love. Great for all ages. I’m in my seventies and I loved it.– Amazon Customer, May 26, 2017

Reviews of The Elixir of Freedom:

The Fresno Bee, March 27, 2016

Four reviews (three 5-star and one 4-star) from Readers’ Favorite

Reader Comments on The Elixir of Freedom:

I just finished reading M.R.Neer’s The Elixir of Freedom from his new Light Finder Legends series, and I was enchanted.  M.R. Neer’s direct and simple language allows the story itself to shine through: a tale of innocent love and quest for Knowledge. It follows Ravi and Verda in their search for the Heart of the Sun, the one tool that will overcome the destructive darkness in their environment and, by extension, in the world.  Throughout this compelling story, M.R. Neer reminds us of the powerful fact that just one flicker of light can overpower even the deepest darkness. It’s a captivating story that will resonate with all ages and all levels of readers. Barbara Ehrenburg, Phoenix, AZ, April 29, 2016

I just finished The Elixir of Freedom. It incorporates strong character values within an easy and fun to read story. Children and adults alike should gain insight from these pages as they remind us that challenges can be met through a perspective of our good within instead of focusing on the problems we face. Wholesome, intuitive, and filled with an understanding of how to successfully live life. A story that can get a clear point across without resorting to sex and violence.  S. Martin Fresno, CA, April 26, 2016

This is a must read for people of all ages. The author imparts a timely message with candor, humor, and an excitement about life. I am a mental game coach and teach the value of a positive outlook in all one does. Mr. Neer’s “Elixir of Freedom” brings the “positive” to the height of awareness in his timeless story. Don’t miss this one — it is a gem, that will brighten and shine upon you for a long time to come. I look forward with anticipation to the second book of the series!! Amazon Customer, April 17, 2016

Reading this story was beyond enjoyable. It’s like the words flowed through me like the elixir of freedom as described in the book. So positive and peaceful. Like you were right there with the characters. Looking forward to the next book in the series.   Amazon customer, March 24, 2016

To write a book about something and when reading the book you actually feel that something is a power that cannot compare. Read this book and feel the light. Amazon customer, March 4, 2016

I think it is a delightful story with a terrific message. I see a connection with the Elixir and the process of meditation and its rewards. It is a good read and I love the sketches at the beginning of each chapter. You definitely will have your fans and audience. — Lourdes M.R. Matos, San Juan, Puerto Rico

I thought it was very refreshing to read a good story without all the violence.  The book had some good lessons for young and old alike. I’m interested to read more of the tales of Ravi and Verda! Keep them coming.Nancy Applegate, Fresno, CA

“M.R. Neer shows how darkness can only be fought with light, as his heroes search and find a powerful experience of light that transforms them and their world. Take this adventure with them, and you will find the light in your own heart.” Diane Frank, author of Yoga of the Impossible

“A riveting tale of adventure to discover your passion and purpose! The story of Ravi and Verda is a metaphor of our own journey to find the light within. I felt my own heart open with hope. M.R. Neer has crafted a wonderful series for kids and adults.” Rev. Joanne Burns, Unity Minister and Youth & Family Ministry Specialist

“In the tradition of JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis, author M.R. Neer has created a great new fantasy series with an added spiritual dimension.”  James C. Fairchild, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Literature and Creative Writing, Maharishi University of Management